Design + Digital

Design + Digital is an observation of technology and it's influence on life and design.

Discharge/Recharge by OSA and Christoph Rodatz

The building has been painted, transforming it into a screen for the projection of an absorbing laser show.

(Source:, via enochliew)

Richard Rogers wise words. Designer of one of my favourite buildings-  Centre Georges Pompidou. 

Kinect Portraits by Mike Pelletier

By moving the Kinect camera around the subject the software constantly updates to create a detailed 3d model.

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Artwork by Hans Kotter

He uses LED lights that shine behind a warped one way mirror. The backing mirror then duplicates the LED lights infinitely.

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Icelandic Pylon Competition Entry by Choi and Shine

Mundane electrical pylons transformed into statues, configured to respond to their environment with appropriate gestures.

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